If this is a man – Survival in Amygdaleza

September 22, 2014


I had never been in a detention centre for irregularly residing migrants before trespassing, a few days ago, into Amygdaleza. Amygdaleza is in the outskirts of Athens, a few kilometres north of what is widely referred to as the cradle of democracy. Along with the members of FEANTSA migration working group, I have access to […]

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You are free to move, unless you do not have any place to sleep

May 26, 2011


Over the last few months, a number of Member States have raised the issue concerning EU citizens who have exercised their right to free movement and found themselves destitute in the host country. Some Member States have expelled, or threatened to expel, such EU citizens without taking into account the procedural safeguards acknowledged by the […]

Reception, integration and protection of immigrants: the Tuscany case

September 1, 2010


Last month, 23 July, the Italian Constitutional Court declared inadmissible and unfounded the Italian Government appeal against the Tuscany regional law on reception, integration and protection of third country nationals approved on 9 June 2009. Although the Italian Government appealed alleging that the Tuscany region exceeded its competence, the real reason was that the regional […]

The missing social dimension of migration policies.

October 29, 2009


The Swedish EU Presidency’s proposal for the 5-year programme for freedom, security and justice, most notably the Stockholm Programme, has raised divergent opinions by the Members of the European Parliament. Mr. Albrecht from Greens considered that the Programme contains more and more preventive measures when Mr. Borghezio,  Europe of freedom and democracy Group, claimed that […]

No news is not good news

September 4, 2009



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Notes and questions from a Journey

September 1, 2009


Far from cover letters, resumes, social networks, subjects on which trying to write a worthy post, life seems healthier and not less interesting. A break, at the foot of the Marmolada, hiking on the Civetta, admiring the Pelmo, camping in the wonderful Val Zoldana, made me see everyday struggles from a different perspective. For some […]

Meanwhile, in Europe. A tangled agenda for the LIBE Commitee

July 22, 2009



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